Did You Know? Coconut Meat Or ‘Nariyal Ki Malai’ Is Great For Your Health; Here Are Some Facts


Be it any time, any place, any mood, a refreshing glug of coconut water is always welcomed. This super-hydrating drink makes the balmy summer heat more bearable and keeps us cool inside. Many times, while drinking straight from a coconut, our senses are affronted with a creamy and mushy flesh right after dunking down the cool coconut water. ‘Malai’, as we call it, gives the perfect ending to the coconut water drinking session; however, many people choose to ignore it and leave it alone. It is considered high in fat content and weight watchers like to stay away from it, even though one should not. Here’s why: 

The mushy white flesh you find at the bottom of coconut is called coconut meat and it brings a throng of various health benefits to us, just like the other derivatives of coconut oil, coconut water and coconut milk.  

Why You Should Eat Coconut Meat I Health Benefits Of Coconut Meat: 

1. Good For Heart Health 

It’s true that most of the coconut meat content is fat but it would be a relief to know it is all good, saturated fat which may boost good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. 


2. Helps In Weight Loss

Contrary to common belief, coconut malai (or coconut meat) may actually help you lose some weight instead of piling on fat in the body if eaten in moderation. The power-packed fat in the meat keeps you sated for a long time, and helps you avoid eating unnecessarily. The good amount of protein contained in it also helps.  

3. Is Digestion-Friendly 

Coconut meat is brimful of fibre, which stimulates smooth digestion and keeps the gut healthy. 

4. Is Powerhouse Of Energy 

The fats present in coconut meat are medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are converted into energy by our body.  

5. May Boost Immunity 

The high antioxidant value and anti-inflammation properties make coconut malai a good immunity booster.  

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Coconut meat at the bottom is worth eating. 

How To Eat Coconut Meat:

There is nothing better than spooning out the flesh at the bottom of the coconut and bite into its fresh goodness right after drinking the water. However, you can experiment with it by eating it with a sprinkle of brown sugar or make a pudding with it or be more innovative and try this savoury coconut meat curry recipe

We have given you more than a couple of reasons why you must have coconut meat and not discard it as just fatty food.  

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