Did Rakul Preet Singh’s Pancake Experiment Go Wrong? You Decide


Rakul Preet Singh has posted a short video on her Instagram Stories that shows her making what she calls, laughingly, a “pancake scramble”. Though pancakes are often flat, thin, and round and are served on a plate, this version, made by the Sardar Ka Grandson actress, was served in a bowl. She wrote on Instagram Stories that the pancake “still tasted good”. Possibly, her attempt to cook a traditional pancake went wrong, but all points to her willingness to eat whatever pancake — flat or scrambled — she cooked.

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A quick breakfast option, pancake is usually a stack of soft and fluffy crepes filled with whipped cream and maple syrup. Its wholesome and hassle-free and makes a popular choice for many. If you too want to try making some pancakes at home, here are a few tips to get it all perfect.

  • Keep all dry ingredients in one bowl and whisk the wet ones in another. Dig a well at the centre of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ones into it. Do not stir or mix the ingredients for a long time, as it will make the gluten in the flour tough, making the pancake harder.
  • Heat the pan until it turns brownish and use a minimal coating of butter. For distribution of heat evenly, it is recommended that you use a heavy non-stick griddle. When the griddle is heated enough, pour the batter into it. It will take the shape on its own.
  • Now, that you are aware of the process, just remember — mixing the batter and heating the pan are the key.

You will find multiple pancake recipes around, but a classic pancake is made with eggs, maida (all-purpose flour), milk, butter, salt, and sugar. You can also give it a desi twist by making it a little spicy with bare minimum ingredients. Also, you can make it in less than 15 minutes. How? Check this recipe.

For those who are vegetarians and don’t want to add eggs to their food, there’s also an eggless version of the pancake. Here’s the recipe. You can serve this with a sweet or a savoury filling or sauce.

When it comes to pancakes, do you have any favourite toppings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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