Dhaba Dal To Dhaba Murgh: 6 Epic Dhaba-Style Recipes You Can Try Today



  • Dhaba dal has a huge fan following of its own
  • It is a tough feat to imitate the dhaba-like taste
  • Here are some recipes that will take you close

How we miss our long road trips; the cool wind in our hair, that perfect playlist and the memories in making. Speaking of road trips, how can we not talk about the ‘much necessary’ stopovers at dhabas? These highway pitstops with bare minimum infrastructure have fancied us with their flavourful food and range of delicacies since time immemorial. From tikka, parathas and dal-chawal to biryani, dhaba food’s rustic charm is almost inimitable, unless you get hold of the right recipes! Cannot plan a road trip in current circumstances, no problem! Try these recipes at home today and treat yourself with all things indulgent, greasy and good. 

Here are 6 of our favourite dhaba recipes you can try today:

1. Dhaba Dal
You have tried recreating the dhaba-style dal at home before and you have failed. But not today! Here’s that perfectly tangy, spicy and flavourful dal that swept you off your feet the first time you tried it at your favourite dhaba. Serve it with rice, roti or salad, and chomp away! Click here for the recipe.

2. Dhaba Chicken
You think you can handle spicy? Then, you have to try this fiery dhaba chicken recipe (as if the mini disclaimer was going to stop you). This hot, highway special has all our heart, and we are pretty sure it will become a hot topic of discussion at your place too. Click here for the recipe.


You have to try this fiery dhaba chicken recipe

3. Dhaba Keema
Keema (or minced mutton) tossed in a pool of crude masalas. This incredibly feisty dish will remind you of your favourite road trip. Pair it with roti, and do not forget that extra blob of butter. Click here for the recipe.


Keema (or minced mutton) is a very versatile ingredient

4. Tandoori Roti
How can you enjoy any gravy dish without the perfect bread to pair it with? Think Dhaba, and buttery tandoori roti is one of the first things to come to mind. Now, make Tandoori roti at home, without a tandoor with this recipe! Click here for the recipe.

5. Dhaba Raan
Hardcore mutton lovers, this one’s for you! Juicy lamb leg, marinated in spices, cooked till perfection. The thick masala gravy makes this dish even more memorable. Serve hot with sliced onions. Click here for the recipe.



6. Hare Masale Ki Chaap
It is rich, it is decadent and full of oomph. In this fascinating recipe, tender mutton chops are marinated in a mint-coriander base, before they are cooked on tawa and sauteed in an eclectic onion and curd-mix. There, we saw you slurping! Click here for the recipe.

Do not forget to tell us about the recipes you liked the best. Can’t pick favourites? Try them all!

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