Desserts And Coffee: Mouni Roy’s Odessa Vacation All About Sweet Indulgences


Mouni Roy has a major sweet tooth. Her latest “photo dump” series from her vacation to Odessa is a proof of that. In a series of 10 photos and videos, in between all the glamorous uploads, there was also an image of a platter of desserts. And it looked fancy, dreamy and delicious! We spotted a pastry that is red in colour and looks lip-smacking. On another plate, we could see a cream-filled croissant-shaped delicacy, with a cherry on the top. These were served with a creamy cup of coffee by the side. Looking at this picture, we can assume that Mouni might have let go of her strict diet regime for a day to satiate her taste buds.

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By now, we all know the ‘Naagin’ actress is quite a foodie and she shares glimpses of her food activities on Instagram, every now and then. In a post earlier this month, she had shared a glimpse of her lunch date with a friend. It included noodles and dessert. The rectangle-shaped chocolate dessert decorated with a variety of toppings was a sight to behold. The food apart, even the ambience looked great — it was breezy, soothing and had silver-plated crockery.

In another instance, Mouni had shown her undying love for chocolate. A few weeks ago, the 35-year-old treated herself to a quirky combination of healthy salad and sinful chocolate cake. The triangular-shaped chocolate pastry was too huge, had a creamy texture and came in layers. There is no such thing as “too much chocolate” for Mouni as she also opted for a dark chocolate smoothie with this meal.

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Did these yummy delights from Mouni’s meal dates make you slurp? Let us know in the comments below. 

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