Dance your way out of pandemic blues


As work from home continues among the pandemic, it’s important to keep your mind and body in sync. Moving away from a monotonous workout routine, adapting dance therapy can help. “Dance therapy is creating well being through movement and physical awareness. It’s basically a combination of dance and psychology for the physical and emotional well being of an individual,” says fitness coach Meenal Pathak.

With physical health benefits, dance therapy also helps in maintain emotional well-being of a person. “Dance therapy is a great way to express emotions that are sometimes not easily expressed verbally. It can affect our moods and our state of well-being by triggering memories and other emotional experiences. It helps with increased physical fitness and ‘gross motor skills development’, improved confidence and self-esteem, encourages creativity and imagination,” Pathak adds.

Dance therapy creates an adrenaline rush and releases happy hormones in the blood stream, says zumba instructor Ravi Rastogi. “These hormones ensure that the happy space you have acquired while dancing is not temporary but is carried along further. So, over the period of few weeks, if one practices regular dance sessions whether by watching videos on the internet or playing their own favourite songs, this becomes a habit and benefits the dancer in the long run in maintaining a sound mind which is much needed in today’s rough times,” he adds.

Dance therapy can be easily practised at home. “One could do it at home with kids, with partners and even alone; watch a video or just listen to the music on the speaker. In no time one will observe how the whole aura of the house and mind alters. While we are all locked up in our houses with limited task outdoors, it is natural to feel subjugated and overwhelmed; it is here one can make good use of dance as a therapy, after all a well-balanced mind and a healthy body are a great recipe to a happy life,” adds Rastogi. To get started with dance therapy one can set up an online session with a licensed instructor.

Some tips to keep in mind

• Make sure you wear a good pair of shoes to avoid injuries

• Wear stretchable lowers, and a loose top to facilitate free movements

•The intake of water should be done only during water breaks as that has an impact on your work out

• Keep the room well ventilated

• Most importantly, enjoy the drill and don’t think about fitness results in the beginning

• Choose the music that makes you feel good, or get a good video to follow along

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