Dal Pithi Recipe: Lentil Soup & Wheat Dumplings Packed With High Nutrition And Great Taste


Pulses are the most treasured pantry essential around the world but they are cooked with unmatched culinary skills in India. Dal, made from pulses is a staple food in most Indian households. In fact, no Indian lunch or dinner is complete without the dal or Indian lentil soup. Moreover, every state in India has their standard style of preparing dal and one thing that makes dal so popular is the simple style of cooking and use of readily-available ingredients in the kitchen pantry.

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Dal pithi, also known as ‘dal ki dulhan’, is a recipe that is very popular in Bihari cuisine. This dish gets its name from wheat dumplings that are similar to a veil of a bride, or dulhan. The shape and texture of the dumplings differ when served unfilled and flat, and are called dal pithi. When they are stuffed with dry dal, they are called dal ki dulhan. The soupy consistency of dal and a healthier version of dumplings made with whole wheat flour and a generous dollop of ghee add a very healthy punch to the recipe.

How To Make Dal Pithi | Dal pithi Recipe

To begin with the recipe, all you have to do is make a wheat dough (just like you do for making chapatis) and set aside. Add all the ingredients and spices in a pressure cooker to make the dal. Meanwhile, divide the dough into small round pieces. To make the shape of the dumplings, lift the opposite side of rounded dough pieces and bring them together at the center and then do the same with other ends, giving it a flower-like shape. This particular shape of the dumplings allows the dal to enter into the dumplings and become tastefully chewy. The final step is to gently add the dumplings into the dal and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Voila! Your one pot nutritious meal is ready. Serve hot and enjoy!

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