Curious About The Latest Viral Pesto Eggs Trend? Try This YouTube Recipe


Every other day we come across a new, interesting recipe on the internet which turns viral and prompts many foodies to try it out at their homes. Ever since the COVID-induced pandemic started last year in 2020, several people took to cooking at home and churned out some unique recipes and shared with the world via different social media platforms. Currently, a simple yet intriguing egg recipe is doing the rounds on the internet and people are quite impressed by the novelty and simplicity of the dish. Pesto eggs became viral on TikTok and everybody is trying this recipe and also falling in love with it.

The viral pesto eggs recipe brings a new dimension to your regular egg meals. The trick is to use pesto sauce instead of a cooking oil to cook your eggs, whether you are making scrambled egg, fries eggs or sunny side up. The oil content already present in the pesto sauce keeps the eggs from sticking to the pan. Other than helping eggs to cook, the sauce also adds a punch of flavours from basil, garlic, cheese, pepper etc.

YouTube food blogger Cheyenne Brown recreated the viral pesto eggs recipe and also made a variant of her own that gave a tangy twist to it.

Watch it here:

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Pesto egg is pretty easy to make. All you have to do is to first heat pesto sauce in a pan, and then crack your eggs over it and season with peppers. The original viral video made an avocado toast with the pesto egg. This YouTube video made another toast by smearing the bread with ricotta, then placing pesto eggs over it and sprinkling honey, salt, red chili flakes, black pepper powder and balsamic glaze over it. 

Watch the recipe video and do try this amazing pesto eggs recipe for protein-rich and yummy breakfast.

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