Craving Something Sweet? Make This Delicious 3-Ingredient Cheeni Toast In Just 10 Minutes


Most of us have that one particular food from our childhood with which we have fond memories. Our parents or grandparents would make this one-dish on any occasion or just when we felt like eating it. And this is not it; at some point, we also have sat down with our loved ones and helped them prepare for making it. While countless memories are attached to different cuisines and dishes, today, we bring you one such simple recipe that has largely been a part of our childhoods- the cheeni toast!

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If you are hearing about the cheeni toast for the first time, then fret not, because this toast is super easy to make. You can make this anytime you feel hungry or have that sudden craving for having something sweet. The cheeni toast always works like magic. So, without waiting any further, let’s jump into the recipe for making a delicious cheeni toast.

Make an easy cheeni toast (Image from Unsplash)

Here Is The Recipe Of Cheeni Toast | Cheeni Toast Recipe:

This dish is as simple as anything can be. To make this, first take two slices of bread and spread some ghee on it. After that, add some sugar as per your taste. Next, close the two pieces of bread together and grill it either in a toaster or a pan.

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Once the sugar starts caramelizing and the bread turns golden brown, take it out on a plate and enjoy. You can also pair this with some curd.

For the full recipe of cheeni toast, click here.

Make this simple and yummy toast for when you have those sudden sweet cravings, and let us know how you liked it.

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