Craving Junk Food On A Weight Loss Diet? Try These Healthier Versions Of Fast Food You Miss


Without a doubt, we all can agree that controlling calories and losing weight is one of the most challenging things to follow. We have to change our lifestyle, stick to rules of dieting and exercise daily. All these things, in the beginning, can be overwhelming for you, but once you get the hang of it, this challenge starts to ease out. While dieting, we give up many of our favourite goods, the greasy pizza, the tempting looking burger, and the delicious, sweet goodness of a cake. But what if we told you that you can still have these things and maintain a diet? Yes, you read that right!

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If you are still thinking about eating your favourite foods on your diet, then we have you covered. We agree that dieting may sometimes limit your options, but you can always make healthier versions of the food you love while controlling calories.

Weight Loss Diet: Check Out These 5 Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Foods:

1. Pizza

A healthy pizza? This may sound impossible, but we have a way! Instead of using a pizza base, replace the base with a roti. For the sauce, you can make your own tomato sauce by blending tomatoes, garlic, fried onions, salt and pepper according to taste. Cover your roti with the sauce, add veggies of your choice and put minimum cheese. You can bake this on a Tawa or in the oven. To know another recipe, click here.

2. Burgers

Don’t you miss the days when you would either order a burger or make it at home using all the fried stuff? But since now we have to keep a calorie check, make this healthier version of a burger. All you need to do is take a burger bun, prepare the sauce with tomatoes, fried onions, salt and pepper. Blend these together. For the patty, make a mix of a small potato, shredded carrots, corn and any other vegetable available at your home. Mix these and prepare a mash. Then, bake them in an oven or your tawa. To assemble, pout some sauce on the bun, then your patty, a slice of tomato and onion. Your burger is ready!

Make this easy and healthy burger

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3. Cookies

Miss the crunchy softness of cookies? Make these oat cookies. For this, you would need butter, oats, banana, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla extract. By mixing the ingredients in the right way, you will have the batter of your cookies prepared. Read the full recipe here.

oatmeal cookie

Make these oat cookies with your home ingredients

4. Sweet Oats Bowl

This oats bowl is for your sweet cravings. First, cook your oats in any kind of milk you like and add some brown sugar to it. Then let the cooked oats cool down. From the top, add your favourite fruits like mango, banana, strawberries and some yoghurt to pair it with.


Oats have low GI and can be great for weight loss and diabetes

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5. Cake

This may sound outrageous but making a healthier version of the cake is totally possible! To make this healthy cake, you would need ragi, whole wheat flour, banana, baking powder and soda, crushed jaggery, curd, vanilla extract and raisins. Combine these flavours to make a healthy cake. Check the full recipe here.

banana cake

Banana cake will satisfy your sweet cravings

Try these recipes today and let us know how you liked it!

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