COVID-19: AYUSH Ministry Recommends Dietary Tips – Find It Here


With the surge in Covid-19 cases across India, the importance of nutritious diet is being stressed upon time and again. A well-balanced diet, loaded with essential nutrients, is advocated by every health expert for promoting immune health. AYUSH Ministry has recently released fresh guidelines that mainly focus on self-care and home management of COVID-19. According to an official media release by AYUSH Ministry, “These guidelines for COVID-19 Patients in Home Isolation and Preventive Measures for self-care are based on leads from classical Ayurveda and Unani texts, outcome of research studies, Report and Recommendations of the Interdisciplinary Committee and which will further strengthen our fight in combating COVID-19 in the emerging situation.”

According to a report in ANI, these guidelines by the Ministry also aim to increase awareness among the citizens regarding effective home care solutions and recommended AYUSH practices. It may also help them enhance immunity, “along with standard guideline for Ayurveda & Unani Practitioners for management of prophylactic, Asymptomatic and Mild cases of COVID-19 during home isolation.”

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Besides recommending Ayurvedic medicines while being on isolation, the guidelines also shed light on some healthy dietary practices for overall benefit. Let’s take a look:

6 General Dietary Practices:

1. Drink warm water or water boiled with herbs like saunth, dhania, Tulsi or jeera.

2. Food should be freshly prepared and easily digestible.

3. Drink golden milk (haldi-doodh) once at night. Add half teaspoon haldi in 150ml hot milk, stir and consume. However, the same shuld be avoided in case of indigestion, the guideline reads.

4. Include spices like haldi, jeera, dhania, sauth and garlic in your everyday cooking.

5. Consume amla (or amla products) every day.

6. Clove or mulethi powder, mixed with honey (or any natural sugar) can be taken 2-3 times a day in case of cough or throat irritation.

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AYUSH Ministry further recommended an herbal concoction for promoting immunity:

Drink herbal tea (kadha) made from 3gm powder comprising of 4-part Tulsi leaves, 2-part cinnamon, 2 saunth and 1-part black pepper. Mix everything together with 150ml boiled water and drink one or twice a day. You may add jaggery, raisin and green cardamom to improve the taste of the kadha.

Follow these dietary tips and nourish yourself from within.

Eat healthy, stay safe!

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