Cooking Tips: How To Make A Yummy Mixed Sauce Pasta At Home


Pink sauce pasta combines the creaminess of cheese with zesty red sauce.


  • Pasta is one dish that is loved across all age groups
  • Mixed sauce pasta combines the creamy cheese with zesty red sauce
  • Here’s a simple recipe of mixed sauce pasta to try at home

Haven’t we all gone through a dozen restaurant menus only to order cheesy pasta from our favourite restaurant at the end? That’s simply because pasta isn’t just a yummy one-pot dish, it’s a comfort food for many. There is something about pasta that attracts a mass fan following across kids and adults. No wonder every small café to fine-dine restaurants have it on the menu! Be it the creamy white sauce one or the red sauce one full of tarty tomatoes, pasta tends to impress everyone in every form. Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna or penne, each pasta variety has its own set of loyal lovers!

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Yet, at times, it gets tough to decide the type of sauce we want. Whether to indulge in an irresistible cheesy and creamy one or go with the saucy, zesty red sauce, it is often a state of confusion! Isn’t it? But a string of experiments by many home chefs and cafes have even got the solution to this! A perfect balance of cheese and red sauce, mixed sauce pasta is slowly becoming a favourite across cities. Also known as pink sauce pasta due to the colour it has when you combine the cheese and tomato sauce, mixed sauce pasta is rich yet isn’t too heavy. It is made with simple ingredients but could sometimes land you in a tricky situation when trying at home. Be it with the proportion of cheese and tomatoes, the consistency of the sauce or how much the pasta should be boiled.

496as2kgPink sauce pasta has won the hearts of many pasta lovers.

Here’s a quick and easy mixed sauce pasta recipe that will help you make the perfect one right inside your kitchen. But before jumping on to the recipe, we have certain tips and tricks to keep in mind before you get to cooking pasta:

Tips And Tricks To Cook Pasta:

– Make sure to cook pasta in a large vessel since it tends to expand while cooking

– Drizzle some oil before and after you have cooked the pasta so that the mushy pasta doesn’t stick to the vessel or with each other.

– If adding vegetables, always cook them separately but avoid over cooking to retain the crunch.

– While making the sauce, make sure to stir it continuously to avoid any lumps.

– If using chicken, cut the pieces into small cubes.

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How To Make Mixed Sauce Pasta | Pink Sauce Pasta Recipe

The recipe to cook mixed sauce pasta is quite easy. All you need is to boil your choice of pasta in water and salt and blanch veggies separately. Cook onion, tomatoes and garlic together in butter and olive oil, then mix with tomato puree, grated cheese and cream to make the sauce. Add the blanched veggies and boiled pasta, mix well with basil leaves and pepper and your pink sauce pasta is ready to be noshed!

Find the full recipe here.


You can add the vegetables of your choice or make it a non-veg one by simply replacing the veggies with chicken.

Try this simple mixed sauce pasta recipe at home for your pasta cravings and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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