Chef Saransh Goila Shares The Recipe Of This Egg Dish His Driver Spoke About. Can You Guess What It Is?


The humble omelette has always been a quick fix to quiet down hunger urges that are about to go berserk. It’s simple, easy to cook and most importantly we always have a few eggs in a corner of our kitchen or fridge. Sometimes we pair it with one or two slices of toast or stuff it on tawa-fried bread. Celebrity chef Saransh Goila has shared the recipe of a new ‘desi’ dish named ‘Karandi Omelette’. It is cooked in a ladle or a tadka pan, making it shaped like a cup.

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In an Instagram video, chef Goila said the recipe, popular in Tamil Nadu, includes onions and spices like coriander and pepper. When cooked, the omelette is fluffy. He said he decided to make the dish after his driver said it was one of his favourite street foods and reminded him of his home.

Mutton and chicken pieces can also be fried and added to omelette for a variation. Many people commented on chef Goila’s post and appreciated the recipe.

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“Wow, awesome chef. Bun parota karandi omelette and salna (gravy with parota), awesome combo. Btw, the background music is so apt, enjoy enjamy,” Padmasini Sarathy commented.

“I think you come up with the best egg-related dish ideas. This looks so good,” said Parul Aneja.

Dorothy Doorasamy said she never made it in a kadhai but had made it in a flat frying pan and thanked the chef for a “great idea”.

Chef Goila’s spicy omelette recipe closely resembles the masala omelette, except that it is slightly puffy and circular, while masala omelette is flat. Both recipes are a good breakfast option to start your day with protein-rich food.

If you prefer plain, non-spicy omelette, then you should try either Aloo Omelette or Cheese-Onion Omelette. If you like the goodness of spinach, onions, olives and oregano, rustle up the Mediterranean Omelette. You can add a tiny amount of milk or cream to make your omelette fluffier.

So, which of these omelette recipes will you try next? Tell us in the comments section below.

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