Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Gives A Healthy Spin To Classic Mango Sticky Rice Recipe


Summers call for ripe and juicy mangoes. Rightly known as the ‘king of fruits’, the refreshing mangoes help make the scorching heat a bit bearable. This fruit is also loaded with a pool of health benefitting properties – mango provides magnesium, potassium and is a rich source of vitamin C. Besides being delicious, mango adds vibrancy, freshness and a rich aroma to multiple summer special recipes. We love sneaking in mangoes to our milkshakes, smoothies, and even those toothsome desserts- mango sticky rice being one of them. We recently came across one such mango sticky rice recipe that gives a healthy to the classic Thai dessert. This recipe was shared by celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija.

Pooja Makhija recently took to her Instagram handle to share the mango sticky rice recipe, where, instead of sugar, she used jaggery and dates to add sweetness to the dish. “Mango sticky rice. A delicious way to enjoy this succulent fruit of the season,” Makhija wrote alongside the post.

How To Make Pooja Makhija’s Mango Sticky Rice | Mango Sticky Rice By Pooja Makhija:

1. You’ll need 1 cup of jasmine rice, 3/4th cup coconut milk, 1 tablespoon jaggery, coconut sauce, another half cup coconut milk, and 4 medium dates.

2. Boil the rice till it is overcooked. Then, add some coconut milk and jaggery to the rice. Boil the mixture till it thickens, then let it cool.

3. In the meantime, grind some soaked dates along with coconut milk. In a separate pan, add coconut milk and date pulp and boil the mixture.

4. Cut mangoes in your desired style, place the chilled rice and dress it with the coconut milk mixture. Sprinkle some sesame seeds for flavour.

Watch The Complete Recipe Video Here:

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