Celeb Chef Kunal Kapur Shares 3 Quick Tips To Remember While Buying Chocolates


If you are anything like us, then a bar of chocolate is enough to bring smile on your face. Be it a happy moment or a stressful day, a bite on your favourite chocolate just brightens up the day. Hence, we prefer stashing a bar of good quality chocolate in our refrigerator for whenever we need them. Besides having it as is, we also like throwing it chocolates to our favourite desserts to make them yet more palatable. But have you ever checked whether the packet of chocolate you are buying is good for consumption? Did you know not every chocolate you are getting is of the same quality?

To make it easy for you, celebrity chef Kunal Kapur has shared some easy steps to check on the quality of the chocolate. He took to his Instagram handle to share a ‘quick tip’ video, where he said, “Before you go and buy you should know these tips.” So, without further ado, let’s check out.

Here’re 3 Quick And Easy Tips To Remember While Buying Chocolates

1. Always check the quantity of cocoa in the chocolate. The more percentage of cocoa a chocolate bar has, the better the quality is.

2. One of the main ingredients naturally present in chocolate is coco butter. So, besides checking the expiry date, see if it has coco butter in the ingredient. You can avoid the chocolates that have any coco-butter alternatives.

3. If you find the packet of chocolate is puffed, it’s always advised not to buy that chocolate.

Find the complete video here:

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