Can’t Get Over”Everything Is Cake” Trend? Wait Till You See The New Slime Trend


There is no doubt about the fact that people over the internet are super creative. We have seen many recipes and combinations that are not only bizarre but surprisingly also taste good. And let’s not forget the time when everything was turned into a cake. From shoes, soda cans, books to even paintings – artists all over the internet had made their own version of realistic-looking products that were cakes. And if you think what more can be done in such trends, then you might want to rethink again – because now we have slime that looks like food. And the appearance of this slime is such that you would definitely want to eat it!

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Posting on their Instagram, GT Creations Slime, an Italian shop, have tons of videos that will make you hungry with their delicious-looking foods. But the only catch is that you can’t actually eat this food. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at this:

Doesn’t this strawberry shortcake make you hungry for some tasty cakes mixed with yummy cream, strawberries and topped with sugar icing? These slime works look so realistic that many people have commented that they would love to taste them.

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An Instagram user said, “This food slimes look so real that it makes me drool over and over again they look so yummy, which really makes me feel hungry.”

Another user commented, “I swear this is the new cake thing,” and we totally agree!

While this was just a glimpse of one of their creations, you can also find food slimes like banana split, doughnuts, pancakes, tea and even pasta.

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