Can people with high sugar level take Covid-19 vaccine? Here’s what doctor says


AIIMS Bhopal director Dr Sarman Singh has said that vaccine has no connection with blood sugar, though there are other threats that a high blood sugar patient may have.

People with high blood sugar level can get vaccinated against Covid-19 as there is no link between the vaccine and the sugar level, AIIMS Bhopal director Dr Sarman Singh has recently said in an interview with All India Radio. Keeping blood sugar levels in control is desirable for overall well being, but the Covid-19 vaccine will not interfere with the blood sugar level of an individual, Dr Singh said.

In the wake of several post-covid complications that have been reported during the second wave of the pandemic, doctors have alerted people with high blood sugar as it increased the chance of mucormycosis infection.

“Vaccine has no connection with sugar level. If the sugar level can be controlled, it is better to take such measures. But if your sugar level is very high, then it may happen that the pain at the injection site may remain longer,” Dr Singh said.

People with high blood sugar are also at a greater risk of contracting an infection from the vaccination site, the doctor said.

A few sporadic incidents of blood sugar level increasing after vaccination has been reported from a few hospitals. Reports said a few patients witnessed a higher blood glucose level for almost a month for which some even required medical intervention. But there have not been enough cases to link the increase in blood sugar levels with vaccines. And not all patients who witnessed an increase required medical intervention to bring blood sugar level down.

In its guideline, which was issued in March this year, the Indian Council of Medical Research said that people with diabetes are not at a greater risk of getting Covid-19, but they are in general at the risk of contracting an infection.


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