Butter Chicken Biryani And More: 5 Yummy Recipes Made With Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken lovers out there, raise your hands! Yes, we know we all adore this finger-licking Indian dish. The mesmerising combination of butter with succulent chicken pieces is simply droolworthy, to say the least. However, there’s more to butter chicken than simply pairing it with rice or naan. We have found some delicious recipes made with butter chicken not only retain that characteristic butter chicken flavour, but also add to a unique element of fun and texture of it. From butter chicken noodles to butter chicken biryani – there are plenty of dishes to choose from. 

In some recipes, we can rehash leftover butter chicken from last night whereas in some dishes we’ll prefer using fresh cooking it all in one pan. So, if you can’t get enough of butter chicken in your meals – read on!

Here Are 5 Yummy Recipes Made With Butter Chicken:

1. Butter Chicken Noodles

Grind tomatoes, onions, garlic, red chillies and spices. Strain and add it to a pan of butter. Add cream. At last, toss in the noodles and shredded chicken. Never before have we tasted such a flavourful bowl of noodles. Click for the Recipe.

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2. Butter Chicken Biryani

We’re taking the biryani game a notch higher. This recipe uses butter chicken as the biryani base and layers of fragrant rice and fried onions. Garnish with roasted cashews and coriander. Wanna try?

3. Butter Chicken Burger

This delightful recipe uses the yummy chicken tikka as well as a tantalising makhani gravy for this one. Add the creamy gravy in the sliced tikka and spread it on the toasted bread too. It’s a juicy treat for burger lovers! Take a look.

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4. Butter Chicken Pizza

Got butter chicken leftovers from last night? Turn them into the main ingredient for this pizza recipe. With the punch of Italian seasoning and pizza sauce, this is a full burst of flavours in the mouth. Try now?

5. Butter Chicken Khichdi

Butter chicken khichdi recipe replaces dal and creates a terrific one-pot meal of chicken and rice with electrifying flavours from spices and creaminess from cream and butter. Check it out here.

Try out these yummy butter chicken recipes this weekend and stun your friends and family. Happy bingeing!

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