Bringing Cheat Meal On The Table, Masaba Gupta Eats This “Gutsy” Snack


Celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta who has left us spellbound with her unique designs and fashion choices is also known for following a healthy lifestyle. While Masaba frequently shares about her weight loss diet, home-cooked meals and healthy eating habits on Instagram, she also opened about suffering from PCOD. As she keeps a check on her PCOD by cutting back on eating fried and sugary foods and checking on her alcohol consumption, Masaba has maintained a healthy lifestyle and makes conscious food choices.

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On Monday, the designer shared a photo of her breakfast on her Instagram story. Masaba wrote, “Balance, Papad is gutsy but life”. She can be seen eating almonds, poha, muesli and papad, making it indeed a balanced breakfast.

Masaba Gupta Instagram Story

Poha is widely eaten in India and makes for a perfect meal for breakfast. At the same time, muesli is known to be healthier than regular cereals; it can help improve digestion and heart health and boost energy levels. Almonds are also commonly eaten in India and are known to help lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and facilitate weight loss.

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As Masaba tries to make it a balanced diet, she has also added papad to her breakfast. Eating papad comes as a “gutsy” move for the fashion designer as she is known to cut back on fried foods. But in the end, a small cheat meal is always allowed, and when it comes to papad, the crunchy snack goes well with all kinds of meals!

While her fans get an insight into Masaba’s life from the show ‘Masaba-Masaba’, she is also an inspiration for those who want to reduce weight and control PCOD.

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