Bored of The Traditional Dal Makhani? Try Out Chef Saransh Goila’s Green Dal Makhani Instead


A lot of the times we crave a certain dish at some odd hour of the day but we are forced to let our cravings slide because we don’t have the exact specific ingredients at home to make it. Now, take dal makhani for instance. There’s hardly a soul who doesn’t love a piping hot bowl of creamy dal makhani with a side of naan. But what happens when you don’t have the requisite black urad dal at home? Does that mean you can’t make the dal makhani at all? Wrong. Founder of Goila Butter Chicken, celebrity Chef Saransh Goila has a solution that tastes just as good.

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In a yummy Instagram Reels, Chef Goila tells us about green dal makhani. Yes, you heard that right. But why green you ask? The reason is simple. For this preparation, instead of using black urad dal, you will be using our desi kitchen staple, the whole green moong dal.

But wait, what do we do next. Chef Goila’s Instagram Reels is here to help.

“Soak it, boil it, and then add it in your traditional dal makhani tomato base,” this is Chef Goila’s simple advice.

Everything else stays the same. Don’t forget the dal makhani essentials — “Lots of butter, lots of kasoori methi and lots of cream”. And there you have it, dal makhani with whole green moong dal that tastes just as the original tasty if not tastier.

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The caption has Chef Goila’s expert guarantee — “Try making your dal makhani with whole green moong dal and you’ll be amazed with the results. It’ll change the way you look at dal makhani all together.”

When Chef Goila says, we know for sure it will be no less than lip-smacking delicious.

Is all this dal makhani talk making you crave the original dal makhani as well? Don’t worry, you can find the recipe for the dal makhani with urad dal here.

This recipe will also help you with Chef Goila’s green dal makhani preparation, as most of the steps will be the same, but it will just be with whole green moong dal instead.

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