Blue Rice: Understanding This New Social Media Food Trend That Makes For Really Pretty Pics


Blue rice is the latest trending food on the internet.


  • Blue rice has taken over the internet as the new food trend.
  • Blue rice is a common food of Asian cuisine.
  • Here’s all you need to know about this unique rice.

Instagram is all about posting attractive pictures, and pretty food pictures get special attention of all the foodies like us. Thanks to the photo-sharing app, we also get to discover a lot of new food trends, food combos, food art and food decor styles. Among many others, deep blue-coloured rice has also been trending on Instagram of late. Regular rice has no aesthetic beauty to boast of. But just the addition of this attractive blue colour transforms it into a visual delight. And if you believe the people who have eaten it, it tastes great too!

Blue rice may be something we have come to know of now because of social media but it has been a part of Asian cuisine for a long time. The eccentric blue colour of rice may look like an artificial dye colour, but you might not believe it, it is all-natural!

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What Really Is Blue Rice?

Blue rice is a common food item in South Asian nations, especially in Thailand. It is fondly called Nasi Kerabu there. The secret behind the famous blue colour is a particular kind of edible flower called butterfly pea flower. You may have seen this flower being used in cocktails and mocktails, and even tea, before. But in Asian food, its culinary benefit has always been taken advantage of.

It’s not just the attractive blue colour, this flower adds a fresh aroma also to food. Along with all this, butterfly pea flower is known for its antioxidant properties that may help protect us from common illnesses and boost our immunity.

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How To Make Blue Rice | Blue Rice Recipe:

The first thing to remember is to use jasmine rice to make this blue rice. Then follow the usual way of making regular rice. Boil jasmine rice along with a handful of butterfly pea flower in water. You can make this rice the same way in your rice cooker as well. For one cup of rice, you may use 6-7 butterfly pea flowers. If you want, you can add additional flavours like lemongrass or whole spices to the rice while it’s cooking.


How To Eat Blue Rice:

Since jasmine rice and butterfly pea flower have predominantly Asian hint of flavours, it goes best with Asian-style curries. You can try it with Thai curry or stir-fried chicken/veg curry or even coconut curry. Another good idea is to convert it into a wholesome rice dish by first par-boiling the rice and cooking it further with veggies to make Chinese-style veg fried rice.

Do let us know if and when you try this unique blue rice and how you liked it.


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