Bipasha Basu shares 3 valuable steps to prepare you for taking Covid-19 vaccine


Ever since the mass vaccination drive kickstarted in India from May 1, the fear, anxiety and dilemma not only about its after effects but also about how to prepare one’s body to minimise the adverse results after getting the Covid-19 vaccine shots is brewing around and that is when Bipasha Basu stepped up to share three valuable steps regarding the same. Creating awareness on how to “be prepared and ready” before taking the Covid-19 vaccine, the Bollywood actor shared the guidelines with 3 simple steps, as suggested by Luke Coutinho who is her friend in alternative and holistic health service.

Known for regularly motivating fans towards a healthier lifestyle, Bipasha tapped in her 8.8 million fanbase on Instagram to share the highly useful information. Taking to her social media handle, the fitness enthusiast shared some quirky slides and captioned them, “Be prepared and ready. Take the vaccine Thank you @luke_coutinho for sharing the best knowledge about health , immunity ,food , fitness and a healthy lifestyle (sic).”

Scheduled for the vaccine? Do this before you get it:

1. You should always be sleeping well but the night before is important. Science shows us how better and deeper sleep will make the antibody mechanism more powerful hence, the vaccine more effective.

Step 1(Instagram/bipashabasu)

2. Stay hydrated

Step 2(Instagram/bipashabasu)
Step 2(Instagram/bipashabasu)

3. Take your zinc supplement or eat zinc rich foods such as flax, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, eggs, legumes, lentils, dairy, poultry, whole grains, fruits, veggies

Step 3(Instagram/bipashabasu)
Step 3(Instagram/bipashabasu)

Bipasha wrapped up the guidelines by highlighting the Placebo and Nocebo effect of “no fear!” The actor asserted, “Take it with faith or belief, no point imagining the worst and expecting the best.”

She added, “Intend for it to be safe and work for you in the best way possible in divine order and your highest good – that’s all! (sic).”

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