Bhuna Kukda: This Rajasthan’s Roasted Chicken Recipe Spells Indulgence


There is something about Rajasthan that never ceases to fascinate us. Its rich history that goes back thousands of years, the mix of different tribes, the rich culture makes the largest state of India all things captivating. Now, many of us know that vegetation in huge part of Rajasthan is limited, and Rajasthani cuisine is known for making best used of their local fresh produce. Another interesting feature about the cuisine is the generous use of spices and chillies. The shelf-life of spicy foods is also longer, which is an added advantage given the climate.

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The land of Royals, is as much popular for its non-veg delicacies as vegetarian ones, both of which are replete with flavour derived from a combination of spices. Laal Maas, Khad Khargosh, and Banjara Gosht are fine examples. Hard-core chicken lovers would also know about the bhuna kukda. ‘Bhuna’ in Hindi translates to ‘roasted’, whereas ‘kukda‘ or ‘kukkad‘ is another word for chicken in North India.

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There is no dearth of chicken recipes in India | Photo credit: Istock

Cooked with loads of red, hot chillies, this delish preparation is not meant for the faint-hearted. If you think you are blessed with a decent spice-tolerance (or do not chugging glasses of water), then you must not miss this. Steeped with strong, rustic flavour, this semi-dry chicken preparation can work as an excellent starter too. Marinated chicken pieces, tossed in crackling masala-base, with just the right amount of yogurt – this chicken roast has our heart.


The use of chillies is very prevalent in Rajasthani cuisine

To make the margination masala, heat some mustard oil, cinnamon, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, green cardamom, bay leaves and wait till it splutters. Add chopped garlic, sautee it well. Then throw in the soaked red chillies, followed by turmeric powder and coriander powder. Cook this masala well, and then transfer it into a mortar and pestle and grind to make a fine paste. This is a much traditional paste, you can grind them together in a mixer grinder. It is this margination masala that adds so much flavour t the chicken and makes it juicy from within. Coat your chicken well in the base, and keep it aside for two hours before you stir-fry it.



Yogurt helps off-set the spice levels
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For the base, this recipe uses a mix of oil, cumin seeds, vinegar, yogurt and coriander leaves, giving your bhuna kukda the perfect tangy undertone.
Here is the detailed- recipe with ingredients. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it.

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