Bhumi Pednekar Is A Fan Of Pani Puri And We Have Proof


We all share a strong emotional bond with food! Aam ka achaar reminds us of summer vacations, khichdi reminds us comfort meals prepared by grandmother, aloo chaat reminds us college days, and maggi reminds us those adrenaline-rush mountain treks. It is the memories we share with our food that makes it taste even more delicious! This is the reason why we choose to eat one dish over another. Just like us, Bhumi Pednekar too hold fond memories of food. The 32-year-old actress shared with her 6.3 million followers on Instagram the dish that she has been eating ever since she was a child. Guess what? It is none other than our favourite gol gappe! Take a look:

She shows the pani puri.

Bhumi Pednekar uploaded a video on her Instagram story of a gol gappa filled to the brim with the spicy gol gappa water and boondis dancing in the centre. She captions the image as ” Chandru’s Versova” “Best pani puri in the world. Been going there since I was a child. Same faces, same food & tons of memories.” Now you must be wondering, why is Bhumi Pednekar calling gol gappa as pani puri. It is because Delhiites call this yummy delight gol gappa and Mumbaikars call it pani puri. Is there any difference between pani puri and gol gappa? Pani puri has a filling of boiled chickpea masala and sometimes it also has sprouts. The pani of the pani puri is spicy and tangy. Gol gappa has a potato filling and a jal jeera flavoured water.

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For Bhumi Pednekar, the pani puri that is served in Chandru’s Versova is the best pani puri in the world because she has fond memories of these pani puris! What is the dish that you have been eating ever since you were a child? Is it pani puri (or gol gappa) like Bhumi Pednekar? Or is it something else? Do tell us in the comments section!

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