Bhagyashree’s reverse table top workout will brush aside your Tuesday blues


If there is one Bollywood celebrity who is never on a holiday when it comes to workouts, it has to be Bhagyashree and this week was no different as she made jaws drop in awe by effortlessly nailing reverse table top exercise. Showing fitness enthusiasts how to stimulate their respiratory and endocrine systems with reverse table top or crab pose workout, Bhagyashree performed Ardha Purvottanasana like a cakewalk and we are inspired to roll out our Yoga mats today.

Taking to her social media handle to drop her weekly fitness inspiration, Bhagyashree shared the video which immediately had us running motivated to the grind. The video features the diva donning a black spaghetti top teamed with a pair of black ripped tights and a pair of white sneakers to ace the sporty look.

Pulling back her hair into a neat braid to keep her tresses off her face during the rigorous workout, Bhagyashree kept her arms behind her hips but fingers pointed towards her feet as she began the exercise from a seated position in easy staff pose. “Getting back into the routine of maintaining one’s health may seem like a daunting task but it is vital in today’s times (sic),” the Maine Pyar Kiya star shared in the caption.

She added, “What you eat & how much you keep active affects your health, both physical and mental. The reverse tabletop engages your complete body & very importantly your core. To maintain a steady position, you have to hold your core tight, squeeze your glutes, engage your hamstrings as well as your triceps to equi-balance (sic).”


Begin from a seated position in easy staff pose by bending your knees and bringing your feet flat on the floor with your hip width apart. Keep your arms behind your hips but fingers pointed towards your feet and then lean back slowly.

Inhale and lift your hips up towards the ceiling while making sure that your toes and knees are pointing forward. Carefully drop the head back or look up straight ahead at the ceiling.

Engage Mula Bandha to lift the hips high while pressing into the feet, squeezing the thighs and buttocks and pressing into the hands. lift up high through the sternum by drawing the shoulder blades towards each other.

Breathe and hold onto this position for 2-6 breaths. Then release slowly while exhaling the hips back down to the floor.


Apart from improving balance and posture, reverse table top exercise provides a deep stretch to the shoulders, chest, abdomen and spine, basically the whole upper body. The muscles surrounding the spine and those at the core are strengthened with this Yoga pose while the chest is opened and low back is toned to stimulate the respiratory and endocrine systems.


Do not perform this exercise if you have suffered a recent or chronic injury to the knees, hips, arms, back or shoulders.

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