Bhagyashree suggests this alternative to a spoonful of ghee for gut health


  • Bhagyashree sorts out fans’ acidity and constipation woes with her secret home remedy and no, it is not a spoonful of ghee on an empty stomach. Check the video inside

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON MAR 24, 2021 12:34 PM IST

Good digestion and increased metabolism are a fantasy for most of us who relish junk food without an iota of guilt but Bollywood actor Bhagyashree recently suggested a solution to ensure gut health and we are rooting for it. Sorting out fans’ acidity and constipation woes, Bhagyashree spilled the beans on her secret home remedy and no, it is not a spoonful of ghee on an empty stomach.

Taking to her social media handle, the diva shared a video which opened with her acknowledging that though she had earlier recommended fans to improve gut health by having a spoonful of ghee on an empty stomach, many were scared to do so. “A lot of people suffer from acidity and constipation and that means there is an impact on gut health,” she said in the video while adding, “Good digestion means increased metabolism which in turn means higher energy levels.”

Coming up with an alternative solution to ghee, Bhagyashree suggested, “Have a spoonful of roasted ajwain as soon as you finish your meals. These little seeds will not only take care of your gut health but also of your bad breath. So no matter what you eat, take a spoonful of ajwain and smile.”

In the video caption, Bhagyashree cautioned, “When you have acidity or constipation it means that your gut microbiome is unhappy. This will eventually lead to other problems in your body (sic).” Adding to the benefits of her home remedy, she elaborated, “Having a small teaspoon of roasted ajwain soon after your meals will aid in digestion and reduce acidity n constipation. They will also take care of your bad breath.. so do make a habit of using these little seeds that are in your kitchen (sic).”

Famous as an Asian spice which is used to flavour varied dishes, ajwain is known as carom seeds in English while dried ajwain leaves are called oregano that is used as a basic seasoning ingredient in pizzas, pastas, salads etc. Consuming it ultimately leads to weight loss due to lesser fat storage while also improving the flow of stomach acids and helping to treat peptic ulcers and sores in the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

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