Bhagyashree pushes fans to add peas to their diet, lists these health benefits


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to stretch longer than we had expected, the determination to prioritise our immune system is invincible and Bollywood diva- nutritionist Bhagyashree was recently seen encouraging fans to add peas to their diet to better their immunity game. Dropping a dramatic video with the aim to turn peas into our favourite vegetable, Bhagyashree lured us to add them to our diet already courtesy their digestive health, eye health and immunity building benefits.

Taking to her social media handle recently, the actor shared the video featuring her in a ravishing ethnic avatar. Donning a monochrome chequered saree with a contrasting yellow centre, Bhagyashree slew the Indian vibe by teaming it with a half sleeves black blouse.

Leaving her mid-parted tresses open down her back, she accessorised her look with an oxidised necklace and a tiny black bindi and opted for a dewy makeup. Looking classy and traditional at the same time to serve her purpose, Bhagyashree sat with a plate of peas and the video opens to her saying that she had peeled all the peas from their pods.

“Peas do not only keep your mother-in-law happy but also keep your body healthy. This is because they contain protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, zinc and lots of fibre,” she shared. Adding to their health benefits, Bhagyashree revealed, “It’s good for your eye health, your digestive health as well as it builds your immunity.”

Commenting on the powers of these tiny peas, Bhagyashree penned additional information in the video’s caption that read, “The world is gradually accepting peas as a good source of protein for the vegetarians. Remember the time your mother would remind you to eat all the peas in your plate. Peas are those gems of nutrition that were often thrown in most indian food to enrich the look of any vegetable (sic).”


This is all the motivation we need to add the tiny green veggie to our diet list already. What about you?

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