Believe It Or Not: This Tree In Uttar Pradesh Bears 121 Varieties Of Mangoes


Here’s a treat for all the mango lovers. Horticulturists in Uttar Pradesh have managed to grow 121 different varieties of mangoes through grafting on a single tree. Yes, you heard us. This 15-year-old tree at Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh is known for its mangoes has become quite an attraction in the district. The science experiment was conducted by horticulture experts from the Horticulture and Training Centre five years ago in an attempt to develop new mango varieties and experiment with their taste. The successful experiment is an aim to produce better varieties of the popular fruit.

A report in ANI quoted Bhanu Prakash Ram, joint director at the Horticulture and Training Centre, as saying, “We’re working on new species so that better varieties of mangoes can be produced. People can also use this technique.”

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The varieties of mangoes found on this tree include Dasheri, Chaunsa, Ramkela, Amrapali, Saharanpur Arun, Saharanpur Varun, Saharanpur Saurabh, Saharanpur Gaurav and more.

Mr Ram further told ANI that experiment was done with the intention of researching new varieties of mangoes. “Saharanpur is already a leading name in mango production. Mango horticulture is done extensively in the fruit belt of the district. Due to which research has also been done on new varieties of mango here,” said Mr Ram, adding that the tree chosen for the research was about 10 years old.

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For the research, the experts planted branches from different types of mangoes on the branches of the native mango tree, according to Mr Ram.

In India, there are believed to be around 1,500 mango varieties. Each state has its own unique mango that is loved by the people of that state. While Maharashtra is known for the juicy and fibrous Alphonso, Uttar Pradesh is famous for the long and sweet Dasheri.

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