Banana to jackfruit: Rujuta Diwekar swears by these five desi superfoods


Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is all for desi foods and methods to improve health and immunity. The 47-year-old became a household name when she helped transform Kareena Kapoor Khan’s body and diet, and the nutritionist in her new audiobook Eating in the Age of Dieting shares interesting ways in which one can boost immunity and stay healthy

She recommends the following list of superfoods that everyone “must eat” to boost immunity and secure all necessary nutrients in the body. Rujut explains, “Eating right is like a skill, just like swimming and cycling. It may take time for you to learn it, but once you do, it stays with you forever.”

Superfoods may have only recently gained popularity but several of the ones mentioned by Rujuta are those one can easily find in a desi kitchen. The nutritionist shares how one can make the most of such superfoods which many health benefits because of their exceptional nutrient density in a very simple manner. Check them out:

Banana: Other than their energy boosting effects, Rujuta shares that bananas are a “Mood booster, fertility booster, and an immunity booster”. They also help in aiding digestion and are excellent keepers of gut integrity and hormone health. And if you aren’t too fond of bananas you can always go for banana flour. This is especially a great food for Covid times, and it also helps fight acne, migraines and regulate insulin sensitivity.

Jackfruit: While many of us have enjoyed jackfruit as a fruit, over the recent years it has become a favourite meat-substitute for vegans and vegetarians across the world. Jackfruit is rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals, containing everything that is beneficial for humans.

Sitaphal/Custard Apple: Rich in iron, potassium fiber and B6, Sitaphal assists in providing natural sugar to the body and is low in glycemic index contrary to popular belief. These also have carotenoids, which help keep several diseases at bay.

Jaam/Jamun: Jamun is a fruit synonymous with the monsoon and also a great superfood. It is rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, vitamin C and B6 among several other nutrients. Jamun is also great for those with low immunity and also those who need to keep diabetes in check.

Kusum – A Microberry: A forgotten fruit, known for its beauty benefits, Kusum (as the tribals call it in Sonave) is a wild, uncultivated fruit that grows in the forests of Maharashtra, all over India and south east Asia. Kusum has a sweet-sour and playful taste. The fruit is known for its therapeutic properties and assists in preventing hair loss and acne that is caused by androgens.

You can find many more such tips in the celebrity nutritionist’s new audiobook Eating in the Age of Dieting on Audible.

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