Ayurveda tip: Try this dry ginger water to fix all your winter woes


In Ayurveda, there are herbs and spices for all seasons that can prevent you from seasonal infections. As the winter approaches, there are certain health issues that are bound to make your life a little difficult from constipation, acidity, cold and cough to other health problems.

If you also face these health troubles in cold weather, you need not worry, as we have an easy remedy for you – sipping on dry ginger water. The best thing about this amazing drink is that if you have it every day, you will get an additional bonus of weight loss.

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar who regularly shares remedies and tips for her followers on her Instagram page recently took to social media to share the recipe of dried ginger water and explained its many benefits.

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Dry ginger also known as Shunthi in Ayurveda is regarded easy to digest as compared to fresh ginger or adrak. The wonder spice is known to be bowel binding in nature as opposed to adrak. Shunthi is also believed to reduce Kapha and increase Agni.


Dr Bhavsar shares the following benefits of Shunthi:

* It helps improve digestion: Dry ginger helps in relieving pain and discomfort in the stomach that is caused by indigestion.

* It helps in managing weight: Dry ginger works on two fronts as far as weight loss is concerned. It boosts your metabolism and also helps curb unhealthy cravings, both of which contributes to the weight loss.

* Dry ginger also keeps the cold and cough away.

* It also improves your immunity.

* It reduces bloating, gas or abdominal ache.

Recipe for making dry ginger water by Dr Bhavsar

Take 1 litre water, add just half tsp of dry ginger and boil it until it reduces to 750 ml.

Sip on it throughout the day during cold.

Dr Bhavsar says that dry ginger can also be used in all seasons as a spice or medicine. But she warns that people who have disorders related to excessive bleeding or heating should avoid having this.

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