Australian Masterchef Contestant Depinder Cooks This Popular Dish From Kerala – Can You Guess?


This year (2021), Masterchef Australia has created quite a buzz among Indians here and abroad. One of the reasons for the excitement is New Delhi-born contestant Depinder Chhibber. If you have been following the reality show, airing on Disney+Hotstar Premium, then you surely have seen her cooking up storm in the kitchen of Masterchef Australia, season 13. From biryani to classic tiffin meal – she has been cooking it all throughout the season, impressing the judges and the viewers. Recently, stepping up her cooking game, Depinder whipped up the classic meen moilee (with prawns), and served it with coriander rice and a peanut salsa by the side.

Depinder took to her Instagram to share an image of the delicacy and wrote alongside, “Last night, I cooked one of my favourite dishes of all time: Prawn Moilee.” Take a look at the delicious spread.

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Meen moilee – a staple in Kerala cuisine – is basically a coconut and turmeric-based fish curry. It is light on spices, but high on flavours and aroma, making it a popular choice among all. For the unversed, meen is referred to as fish. So, whichever fish we use in the curry, the name of the dish gets customised accordingly. For instance, in her recipe, Depinder used prawns; subsequently the dish she prepared is referred to as prawn moilee.

If you are like us, then the discussion about meen moilee has also left you craving. Fret not, we have got you covered here. We found a classic meen moilee recipe that can help you enjoy a yummy Kerala-style meal, while sitting at home. However, instead of prawns, this recipe includes pomfret in it. Take a look at the recipe.

Cook it today and enjoy a lavish meal. Bon Apetit!

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