Arjun Kapoor’s “Pancake Day” Is Making It Hard For Us To Control Our Cravings


Look who’s busy eating some delicious pancakes! It’s none other than actor Arjun Kapoor. And the pancakes on his plate look too heavenly for us to believe. In the video that Arjun shared on Instagram, we see two dark pancakes covered with oodles of chocolate sauce and some pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top. If that isn’t enough to send us drooling, we see a runny dash of honey being poured all over the pancakes. What has Arjun got to say? He simply called it a “Pancake Day”, and tagged his personal chef, Akshaya Arora, and trainer, Drew Neal.

Arjun Kapoor is enjoying this rich and delicious pancake 

Arjun Kapoor often shares food posts on his social media handles and it’s not always about his mid-week treats. We have also seen him taking his passion for food to a professional level. In a food show, he impressed us with his culinary skills. He prepared delicious dishes of meat — laal maas and chapli kebab. Here’s a video that proves his skills as a cook:

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Arjun Kapoor has been candid about his food adventures. In one show, he disclosed various fun facts about his journey with food. He confessed that he was a sneaky eater who picked food from another’s plate and also silently burped at parties. Don’t believe us? Watch his candid confessions in this video:

Once in a while, Arjun may indulge in some foodie fun by poking fun at his friends. One such post included a photo of mango where Arjun teased Katrina Kaif for her mango juice commercials. He captioned the post, “Hello friends, mango season is here. Aur aam dekh ke yaad aaya (after seeing the mango, I remembered), Katrina Kaif, would you like a slice?”

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For Arjun Kapoor, fun and food are the two faces of the same coin. And we love that, don’t we?

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