Are You Throwing Away Your Butter Wrappers? This Video Will Change Your Mind


People around the world are finding ways to lead a more sustainable life for the betterment of each other and the planet. However, many of us think that we cannot play a major role in this movement. But even one small mindful act of reusing and recycling products can go a long way. Take, for instance, the wrapper that comes with the slab of butter that you buy at the grocery store. Most of us dump it in the bin. But did you know that there is a smart way to reuse it? That is exactly was an Instagram user with the handle “At Home With Shannon” has shown us in her video.

In the clip, she says that instead of throwing away the wrapper, you can store them in a box and keep it in the fridge. “So when you got to bake a cake you have an instant tray liner that is already buttered,” Shannon said. Sharing the video, she wrote, “Best reusable hack for butter wrappers!! So genius.”

Reacting to the post, one user named Jenna Renee Schultzel said, “Why didn’t I think of that.” Meanwhile, a comment from a viewer Susie said, “That is fantastic!”

But some users also wondered if the wrapper could withstand the heat of the oven.  Many were worried that the wrapper would catch fire or even melt into the cake. Another user suggested using the wrappers to keep the cookie sheet moist. “Do not do this. Oh my goodness. Save them and use the butter wrapper to grease a cookie sheet but don’t put the wrappers in the oven,” a comment by a user with the handle “Ashbdial” said.

“I just use the wrappers to grease the pans. Keeping extras in the freezer is a good idea though,” said a user named Kady Brownell.

Watch the video here:

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