Are You Craving Cinnamon Rolls, Try This Healthy And Easy Recipe By Pooja Makhija


The rainy weather brings along with it a strong craving for something hot and sweet. But, often, your health goals can stop you from indulging in these sugary treats. However, that doesn’t mean you dump your cravings altogether. There definitely are healthy ways to enjoy these sweet treats, and here is one such recipe from nutritionist Pooja Makhija that gives a healthy spin to the delectable cinnamon roll. You have no reason to worry because it is easy, quick, super delicious, and nutritionist-approved.

Pooja has captioned the post, “When the weather makes you crave something hot and sweet along with being quick and easy.” She goes on to tell her followers that they can use the flour of their choice — all-purpose flour, amaranth, or quinoa. Even when it comes to milk, you can take your pick from cow milk, almond milk, or oat milk.

To make Pooja’s version, start by mashing some bananas in a bowl. Add baking soda, flour, and the milk of your choice. Knead the dough, flatten and brush with coconut oil. Spread cinnamon powder on top. Replace sugar with palm jaggery. Roll, cut, and bake for a delicious and healthy treat for yourself. That’s how a classic cinnamon roll can be turned into a healthy and filling snack, quickly and easily. Rush to your kitchen and bake it for yourself.

Here’s the video:

Apart from suggesting diets and tips for certain health conditions, Pooja also whips up dishes that give a healthy twist to some familiar recipes. A few days ago, Pooja had made an Oreo dunk, which she termed “healthy”. “No color, no preservatives, no trans fats, no sugar. Only pure healthy love!” she captioned the video.

In an earlier post, she had made a coconut pie. She wrote, “Desserts can’t be healthy. Says who?”, and asked her followers, “High fiber dessert anyone?” For the pies, she used almond flour, coconut milk, dates paste, desiccated coconut, and lemon juice.

Earlier this month, she had made a chia seed rolos, which she said were “antioxidant-rich, protein-rich, fibre rich, omega 3 rich, and mineral-rich”. They looked delicious for sure!

After watching Pooja Makhija make these healthy snacks, it’s time you stepped into your cooking game too. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the kitchen and make some for yourself. 

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