Anushka Sharma’s “Breakfast In A Jar” Looks Healthy And Tasty


Anushka Sharma is an actor par excellence but she is equally a foodie at heart. And, her online family is well aware of this fact. If you follow the actress, you would know that she adores food and likes to try out a variety of cuisines. Anushka’s gastronomic adventures are loaded with lip-smacking dishes. Can’t believe it? Head straight to Anushka’s Instagram timeline. This time, she has shared a picture of her breakfast filled in a jar. It looked every bit delicious and healthy. It includes chia seeds, fruits and an assortment of other seeds. Seems like Anushka prefers to start her day on a healthy note. “Breakfast in a jar,” was her caption.  

Take a look:

Anushka Sharma seems to be making the right use of her time these days with a variety of mouth-watering delicacies. Recently, we saw her finding comfort and happiness in some delicious ghar ka khana prepared by none other than her mother Ashima Sharma. The actress was so happy with the food that she couldn’t contain the excitement and shared a snapshot on Instagram. She relished a plate of delicious Paella – a popular rice dish from Spain. It was indeed special as her mother cooked it up to treat her. Anushka wrote, “Homemade Paella with vegan sausages courtesy mommy.”

The best part about going through Anushka Sharma’s food journey is the diversity – the variety of food she relishes from time to time. Some days ago, we saw her enjoying a drool-worthy special sadhya-style meal. From Thattu dosa to banana flower, the platter looked heavenly. There was an assortment of drumsticks too. And, the actress didn’t forget to share a picture of her special meal, which was served on a traditional banana leaf. She wrote “Delicious” as the caption.

Now, let us look at Anushka Sharma’s favourite beverage. Any guesses? It’s coffee, of course. A while back, the actress shared a picture from her coffee time. Let us tell you that it was no regular coffee. It had a Virat Kohli connection to it. Really? The beverage had the faces of Anushka and her husband crafted on it.  Anushka, who was completely thrilled by the experience, wrote, “We are so delicious.”    

We like to see more coming from Anushka Sharma and her yummy food diaries. 

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