Another day, another yoga position, fresh from Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s living room


Riddhima Kapoor Sahni is a fitness enthusiast. Professionally a jewellery designer, Riddhima is often spotted doing her favourite thing in her favourite place – in her living room, engrossed in a yoga position. She swears by yoga and high intensity workouts and it shows on her.

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s Instagram profile is replete with videos and pictures of herself in various workout positions. Sometimes, her pet pooch makes a cameo in her workout videos and turn them more adorable.

Riddhima often shares snippets of her fitness routine on her Instagram profile, with the intention of motivating her Instagram family to take up their fitness routines seriously. On Monday, Riddhima did it again.

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Mondays have no blues for Riddhima, because she starts it with her favourite yoga positions. In afternoon, the jewellery designer shared a picture of herself balancing her body on a stability ball, all the while doing a namaskar. Take a look at her picture here:


Dressed in a pink tank top and a black pair of gym trousers, Riddhima can be seen sitting with her legs folded on a stability ball, right in the middle of her living room. Staring at the camera, Riddhima balanced her body and posed with her hands folded in a namaskar position.

“Strong is the new sexy” – this is Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s workout mantra for today and every other day. She accompanied her post with these hashtags, that summed up her yoga state of mind – #practiceyogaeveryday, #strongisthenewsexy, #yogalife, #balanceonball, #strongisthegoal, #believeinyourself and #yogagirl.

The balance on ball exercise, as performed by Riddhima in the picture, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in strengthening the core muscles of the body. If incorporated in the daily fitness routine, balance on ball helps in improving balance and flexibility. It also improves the health of the back and the spine.

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