Ankita Konwar chases period blues away with quick 5km run, impresses Milind Soman


Milind Soman’s wife Ankita Konwar is an avid runner, just like the celebrated supermodel and actor. The 30-year-old never misses a chance to include a fulfilling run to her schedule, even when she is on vacation or menstruating. The fitness enthusiast took to Instagram recently to update her social media family about the same and give them some much needed weekend motivation.

Ankita shared a post-run picture of herself on October 22 on Instagram with a screenshot from her health app, which showed her progress. She revealed that she was chasing her period blues away with a short run and by keeping her heart rate and cadence in check. Her husband, Milind Soman, praised her for her progress.

Ankita captioned the post, “Chasing my period blues away with a good quick short run. Heart rate and cadence in check! Also, hello from that one pimple right next to my nose that pops up every time during these days. October heat is a real thing in Mumbai btw [by the way].”


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The screenshot shared by Ankita shows that she went for an outdoor run of about 5 km. She completed the run in 29 minutes and 24 seconds and maintained her heart rate and cadence at 143bpm and 169spm.

After Ankita shared the post, it garnered several likes and comments from her fans. Milind appreciated her in the comments section and wrote, “Love the heart rate and cadence.”

Benefits of running during periods:

Running during periods helps in releasing natural endorphins. It boosts the mood and act as a natural painkiller. Running while menstruating may also increase blood circulation. It promotes oxygen flow and can minimise bloating or swelling.

Later, Ankita also shared a throwback video of herself practising a yoga flow session during her holiday in Kashmir. She did various asanas in the video, like Uttanasana, Downward Dog Pose, Child’s Pose and more. The 30-year-old captioned the clip, “Everyday mantra – consistency is better than intensity.”


Ankita married Milind Soman in 2018. They tied the knot in a private ceremony at Alibaug near Mumbai.

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