Amla, Flax Seeds And Curry Leaves: Fall Back On These 3 Kitchen Ingredients For Some Mane Magic


Maintaining healthy hair is a challenge, thanks to a host of factors such as rising pollution, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and of course, genetics. Many of you may be used to buying expensive hair products from your neighbourhood supermarket, but do you know the answer to right hair care could be lying in your kitchen? Yes, you read that right. There are certain wonder ingredients that can improve hair health. In an Instagram post, nutritionist Pooja Makhija has spoken about the benefits of including the magic trio of amla, flax seeds and curry leaves in your diet for long, lustrous hair.

Pooja states that amla is naturally available and rich in vitamin C. The collagen that it promotes is the reason your hair grows thicker and longer, she adds. Talking about flax seeds, she says that just two tablespoons give you 6,400 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids as has been proved by several studies. She then says that she uses 10-15 curry leaves in a glass of vegetable juice every day, and the benefits of Beta carotene and vitamin E in it boost hair growth.

Take a look at her video:

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Now that you have heard what Pooja has to say about the vital ingredients, we present a list of healthy recipes that you can include in your diet:

1) Amla Murabba

This is one of the most loved murabba in Indian households. If you haven’t tried it yet, do so now. This murabba has amla dipped and soaked in sugar syrup, which is then flavoured with cardamom. You can prepare it and preserve it in an airtight container.

Include amla in your diet for better hair

2) Flax Seeds Raita

Combine flax seeds with creamy curd and you’ll be amazed by the result. You can also add bottle gourd and mint leaves for extra flavour. This dish is a perfect blend of taste and health.

3) Curry Leaves Chutney

This could be one of the best ways to include curry leaves in your diet. This chutney is a classic blend of curry leaves, onions and tamarind pulp. You can have it with your regular meal.


Curry leaves chutney is delicious and easy to make

4) Amle Ka Achaar

This sweet and sour pickle made of amla will take your tastebuds on a ride. Boil the amla and throw in a bunch of spices, and your amla pickle is ready.

5) Flax Seed Smoothie

Fresh bananas, strawberries, honey, and flax seeds come together to make this delicious and refreshing smoothie. If you want, you can garnish this drink with more bananas and strawberry pieces. Drink up!

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Remember, like your skin, even the hair needs a regular supply of nutrients. Consume food with the right dose of those nutrients to provide your hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong.

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