American Actress Drew Barrymore To Release Her Cookbook Soon


Actress, producer, talk show host, director and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore is all set to add another feather to her already loaded hat. The 46-year-old is all set to release her cookbook titled ‘Rebel Homemaker: Food, Family, Life’ soon. The book will release on November 2, the actress revealed on the Wednesday’s episode of her daytime series.

She also unveiled the cover alongside her “culinary partner in crime” Pilar Valdes, a chef who appears regularly on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’. The cover features Drew slurping pasta from a bowl. 
“I feel like I’m about to burst because I’m so excited to tell everyone about it. It feels like a birth announcement,” Barrymore said on the show before the big cover reveal with Valdes.

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“So you all know at this show, if you’ve ever watched it, how much we love cookbooks, how much we embrace it. And we have Cookbook Club, which is a very important part of the show,” she said before the big announcement. 

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Barrymore and Valdes then exclaimed together that they in fact wrote a cookbook together and then went on to unveil the cover and some of the recipe photos from inside the book.
Barrymore has been toying with the idea of collaborating with Valdes for quite some time. She said that she was inspired by how food and Valdes’ friendship were “a huge saving grace and something I could hook into when my life felt so floating.”

Valdes added, “We’re totally tethered together. Us meeting was serendipity and a whole lot of luck, I think.”
The ’50 First Dates’ actress hinted at the development in one of her interviews with to People magazine last month where she spoke in length about her love for food, and how her life experiences and travels shaped her relationship with food. She admitted to becoming a foodie through her twenties which eventually inspired to take up cooking seriously through her 30s and 40s.

The actress also confessed to having a whole closet devoted to cookbooks. Further, Drew also spoke about how her love for cooking may have rubbed off on her daughters Frankie and Olive. “Olive makes incredible breakfast,” she said. “She makes eggs and veggie sausages and toast. I recently posted an Instagram where I showed a breakfast she made for me when I was sick”, she said in the interview.

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