Ameesha Patel moves out of her comfort zone, tries kettleball swing


Ameesha Patel’s workout diaries are a motivation for her Instagram family. The actor’s Instagram profile is a plethora of videos that stand witness to her hard work in the gym. The actor regularly keeps sharing snippets from her workout routine on her social media profiles to inspire her fans and friends to do the same and stay healthy.

On Sunday, Ameesha Patel shared another sneak peek of her intense exercise routine and it is nothing but motivating. In the video, Ameesha can be seen doing the kettleball swings in full concentration. Dressed in a black sports bra and a black pair of jeggings, Ameesha can be seen standing with her legs apart while she does squats holding a weighted kettleball with both hands.

“Another exercise I’ve probably not done for years. Kettlebell swings seemed pretty easy but the exhaustion from the rows and squats before started kicking in,” read an excerpt of Ameesha’s post. In the video, Ameesha’s fitness trainer Klinton can be seen guiding her on doing the exercise.

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She referred to the gym as her “happy place” and attributed the motivation of taking up intense workout routines to her trainer Klinton. “Klinton truly made me try out different exercises today,” she added.

Watch her video here:


The benefits of kettleball swings are multiple. From improving balance of the body to working the cardio, it is the go-to exercise for a lot of fitness enthusiasts. It helps developing the flexibility of the body and burns the extra calories. It also increases convenience and helps in development of muscle strength.

Ameesha Patel had a workout Sunday. In another post, she shared a video of herself doing the row and rotate exercise holding a dumbbell. “Today was a day to try a few exercises I don’t usually do, the row and rotate really seems to work my back,” wrote the actor.


Ameesha’s workout videos are motivating us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and take up exercising seriously.

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