Amanda Cerny aces ‘5 workouts in a row’ from Yoga to Pilates and we are inspired


If you haven’t gotten to work on your summer body yet because the time is tight, begin this Sunday and draw your motivation from former Playboy model and Hollywood star Amanda Cerny whose robust exercise sessions and killer abs have left us inspired. Those looking for exercise motivation this Sunday, search no further as Amanda’s latest fitness video is here to make you spring up from bed and hit the grind as she challenges fans to ace “5 workouts in a row” like her or more.

Taking to her social media handle recently, the diva shared a video where she can be inspiring fans to get in the best shape of their life this summer. Donning a camouflage print halter-neck crop top, teamed with a pair of similar-coloured tights, the popular actor and passionate fitness lover pulled up her hair into a top knot to ace the athleisure look as she gave fans a glimpse of her intense workout session.

In the first exercise, Amanda is seen lying on her back with a kettle bell balanced on her waist and attempting to raise her hips up and squeezing it at the top. The second exercise was a meditative Yoga pose where she inhaled and swept her hands over her head, clasped them together and exhaled while bringing them down.

Crouching on all fours next, Amanda was seen balancing her body on her hands while jumping her feet all the way in and then out. The following exercise saw her holding weight in one hand as she switched standing positions while rotating her shoulders.

The last exercise was a simple Pilates one where Amanda stood with a weight in each hand and gradually dropped her shoulders while moving her hands towards each other and then apart. While she nailed these 5 workouts in a row effortlessly, Amanda set fans on frenzy as she challenged them to do the same and they could choose from “1000’s of workouts for all levels, by top trainers & celebrities (sic)” without any excuses and needless to say, the video broke the Internet with over 1.1 million views while still going strong.


The fitness trend for past year has undoubtedly been pilates and it was named after its creator, Joseph Pilates. The exercises aims to strengthen the body with focus on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Beginners can do most of the Pilates moves at home including the hundred, the roll-up, the shoulder bridge or the criss-cross as they are absolutely fun to do even without the use of a reformer.

Yoga has immense benefits for the body and the mind, even during pregnancy, which has been scientifically proven. It reduces stress and tension, involves deep breathing which helps in controlling morning sickness and headaches, is very useful in getting rid of aches and pains throughout the body, strengthens the body, builds stamina, flexibility and endurance and trains muscles of expecting mothers to handle the stress of delivery as their body grows.

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