‘All Is Well’: YouTuber Gaurav Wasan Calls Truce With Baba Ka Dhaba Owner


The story of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ had become one of the most talked about discussions last year. The elderly couple running a stall in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar went viral on social media after YouTube blogger Gaurav Wasan brought their plight to light in a video. Their meagre earnings at their roadside Dhaba during the pandemic caused them extreme distress, thus prompting internet users to arrange donations and help. The success of the movement was evident when a new restaurant was opened by ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ owner Kanta Prasad. However, not all went smoothly even after the elderly couple became internet sensations.

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Although donations and monetary help did pour in, Kanta Prasad claimed that the details of the donations had not been shared with him. The octogenarian had filed a police complaint against YouTuber Gaurav Wasan for alleged misappropriation of funds in November 2020. Wasan then took to social media to share his complete bank statement with all the details of the donations received by him.

On 12th June, an apology by Kanta Prasad had surfaced online on Instagram. With folded hands, he said in the video, “Gaurav Wasan, woh ladka koi chor nahi tha, na usko humne kabhi chor kahan hai (Gaurav Wasan was not a thief neither did we call him that).” Take a look:

YouTuber Gaurav Wasan then took to Twitter to accept the elderly man’s apology. Saying that all was well between them, he wrote, “All is well that ends well. Galti karne se bada, galti maaf karne wala hota he (Mere Maa Baap ne hamesha yehi seekh di he ) #BABAKADHABA.” Take a look at his tweet:

The tweet has gone viral receiving over 31.4k likes and 3.3k retweets and counting. Twitter users praised Wasan for calling truce and bringing a happy ending to the story.

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