7 Of The Best Burger Places In Bengaluru


For the uninitiated burgers may be fast food. Not for Bengaluru’s serious burger aficionados. From uncomplicated burgers at Truffles that figures high in comfort food lists in the city to European style burgers at Burger Seigneur, Bengaluru’s burger scene has never had it so good. While the city’s fine dining experiences come back to life after the latest ‘Unlock’, it’s a great time to pander to your burger cravings. Whether it’s a boxed meal in the comfort of your living room or a Friday outing with your buddies, our list has you covered.

Here Are 7 Of The Best Burger Places In Bengaluru:

1. Burger Seigneur

Best burger places in Bengaluru

Burger Seigneur has come to typify the city’s obsession with gourmet burgers or what their team likes to refer to as handcrafted burgers. The buns are crafted in-house while many of their high-quality ingredients are imported. Herbivores don’t get a raw deal here; Lucien, their signature veg burger combines portobello mushroom with sun-dried tomatoes, caramelised onions and American cheese. Our favourite is the Dynamite Lamb burger where the lamb patty is packed with fresh pomegranates, pickled jalapenos with Bay Bay sauce.  

Where: 80 feet road, HAL 3rd Stage, Indiranagar.  

2. Truffles


Best burger places in Bengaluru

One size doesn’t fit all at Truffles – most of the burgers come in three sizes here. Truffles might have begun as a popular campus hangout but it has widened its appeal and base over the last couple of decades. The formula hasn’t changed even as Truffles has expanded into a chain. This is comfort food with an uncomplicated approach; Truffles’ burgers are its bestsellers – regulars still swear by the Truffle rooster and crispy chicken  

Where: 5th Block, Koramangala 

3. Plan B


Best burger places in Bengaluru

The Animal Burger is easily one of Bengaluru’s biggest burgers; with 700 gm of meat it’s a meal by itself. It’s not just size, Plan B is a popular burger hotspot for its relaxed vibe and an array of local ingredients that make it to their burgers. The Pandi burger for instance pays tribute to Coorg’s emblematic pandi (pork) curry.  

Where: Castle Street, Ashok Nagar  

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4. Miller 46


Best burger places in Bengaluru

Miller 46 is a throwback to the Bengaluru of the 2000s when downtown traffic didn’t dominate most conversations. This all-American eatery isn’t just popular for its steaks and humongous  Southern American style portions. Some of this diner’s super-size meals include the hugely popular  46er, half-pound fillet burger that also benefits from sauteed mushrooms and cream cheese. We’d also recommend the Deluxe bacon burger and their signature spuds  

Where: Millers Road, Vasanth Nagar. 

5. Burgermeister


Best burger places in Bengaluru

If you’re not shy about your big appetite, you’re likely to enjoy the XL burgers at Burgermesiter. The OMB’s Sloppy Joe’s is a popular choice. This massive burger brings spiced minced lamb, chicken sausage, bell peppers and fried mushrooms together with a sinful house sauce and cheese. Vegetarians swear by their Mexican chilli cheeseburger that includes a salsa topping and avocado slices. 

Where: Someshwara Temple Road, 7th Block, Koramangala 

6. The Only Place


Best burger places in Bengaluru

There are few places that are steeped in nostalgia like the Only Place. Arguably Bengaluru’s first all-American restaurant, the Only Place has been around since the swinging sixties with its exhaustive menu that includes steaks, burgers and the most scrumptious dessert pies. I have my share of memories at this iconic local establishment including the first time I ordered their lamb whopper that makes a big impression with a steak knife stuck into the bun  

Where: Museum Road, Ashok Nagar  

7. Smokehouse Deli

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The perfect venue for an anytime meal or snack whether you’re catching up with friends or a business associate. Their extensive menu includes everything from all-day breakfast to binge-worthy desserts. Smokehouse’s burgers hit the spot too. Their double burger with a jalapeno relish and their smoked chicken and oregano burger are both terrific.  

Where: Lavelle Road  

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