7 Fun Ways To Include Jamun (Black Plum) To Your Diet


As a country, we are blessed with the choicest of fruits. While mangoes, watermelon and pineapples remain some of the most popular ones, there are several other berries and fruits that are just as tasty and good for the body but do not get their due.  And one such fruit is jamun (or black plum). It has a sweet-tangy taste and leaves a strong aftertaste on our palate. However, if you thought eating it just as a fruit was the only way to enjoy it, then you are in for a surprise. Do not just limit yourselves to nibbling on them; instead, try these 7 unique recipes and make jamun an interesting addition to your diet.

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7 Fun Ways To Include Jamun To Your Diet | 7 Jamun Recipes For You:

1. Quinoa-Jamun Salad:

Salads are the perfect addition to your meal all through the year. This recipe gives you the nutrition of boiled quinoa and the taste of jamun mixed with cucumbers, tomatoes and spring onions. If you are a jamun-lover, we suggest, do give this delicious dish a try.

2. Jamun Fizz:

We are always ready for a chilled drink during the warm, sultry days. Mix jamun and apple juice with lemon soda and make yourself a quirky mocktail in no time. And if you want a cocktail, add some vodka to it.

3. Jamun-Mint Popsicles:

Popsicles are loved by one and all. And when they have the added benefits of jamun and mint, there is no way you can stay away from these icy treats. Don’t forget to add a dash of lime juice and lots of sugar to the recipe.

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4. Coconut-Jamun Custard:

If you have time in hand, we recommend you to try some experimental custard recipes. To make it easier for you, we’ve got a special recipe here. Make a jamun syrup by simmering the berries in a mixture of sugar, syrup and cardamom. Add this to the coconut custard and enjoy.

5. Jamun Papad:

This easy and quick recipe uses cornflour, chaat masala and jamun. The burst of flavours that fills your mouth with each bite into this jamun papad is too good to miss!

6. Jamun Pie:

We are ready for pies on any day, in any season. So hit your kitchen and make this lovely pie with wheat flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon, cardamom and lots of jamun berries. The recipe may take around an hour to finish, but we assure you that you will love every minute of preparing it.

7. Fish and Jamun:

While we seldom mix our fruits with our fish, the fusion is not uncommon and can take your taste buds on a great gastronomic ride. Here, we are indulging in crisp fried pomfret fish fillets dipped in thick jamun sauce. Sounds interesting, right? 

We would love to know which of these jamun recipes you picked to try out first. Tell us in the comments section.

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