5 Yummy Manchurian Recipes That You Would Love to Make Again And Again


Over the years, we all have tried many kinds of cuisines and specialities from different countries. Whatever the cuisine might be, we have also found ways to Indianise these dishes and mould them according to our taste. As we experimented international flavours with Indian ones, Indo-Chinese is the one cuisine that has gained popularity among us. The love for Chinese dishes mixed with Indian flavours has become so famous that most love to order Indo-Chinese whenever we are at a restaurant. Whatever the dish might be- whether it is chilli potato, chilli panner, spring rolls or anything, the one classic dish loved by many across the country is noodles and Manchurian.

The chowmein and Manchurian combination are so classic that you would find them in any restaurant and café. While there are preferences of having dry or gravy manuchurian-did you know, you can get the Manchurian taste with other vegetables too?

If you also love Manchurian and want to experiment with it, try these 5 types of manchurians that you can cook for a different taste.

Here are 5 Types Of Manuchurian Recipes You Can Make

1. Gobhi Manchurian:

This one is pretty famous, we have seen and eaten this at various occasions and weddings. It’s a popular crunchy snack and has a delicious flavour. The gobhi manchurian can be easily made at your homes, and you can also make it as a snack for when guests come over. For the full recipe of this dish, click here.

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2. Chicken Manchurian:

All the non-vegetarian lovers gather! People of all ages enjoy this dish. Fried chicken balls, cooked in hot sauces, vegetables, and delicious flavours, you would love to have on your menu. You can check the full recipe here.

3. Baby Corn Manchurian:

Do you love the crackling, crispy and deep-fried baby corns served with masalas? If yes, then try to make the baby corn Manchurian. Deep fried baby corn mixed with the flavours of Manchurian sauce will definitely bring water into your mouth. You can serve this with noodles or rice. See the full recipe here.

Fry your baby corn before dipping it in sauce

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4. Soya Manchurian:

In the last few years, we all have started to consume soya bean nuggets due to health reasons. But did you know that you can also make delicious soya Manchurian by frying them? This one is super easy to make, and soya’s goodness will give you both crunch and softness to enjoy. See the recipe here.


This one is super easy to make

5. Mushroom Manchurian

If you also love mushrooms, then this mushroom manchurian might just become your favourite dish. To make this, you would need to try your mushrooms and cook them in the manchurian sauce. Serve it in a bowl and garnish it with spring onions.


Mushroom manchurian might just become your favourite dish

Make these dishes and let us know how you liked them!

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