5 Special Jaggery Recipes You Must Include In Your Winter Menu


It’s winter and all that most of us want at the end of a long day is a bowl of warm, rich, decadent dishes. And there is really no dearth of options of hot dishes and even desserts that will fill your heart and stomach. But this time around, we recommend that you look at your kitchen shelf and revisit an ingredient that is a grandmother’s favourite in every household. We are talking about jaggery (gur or gud), which is sweet and filling all at once. To add some zing to your winter menu, we recommend that you try your hand at these jaggery recipes.

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1. Gur Ke Chawal

The name of this recipe translates to jaggery rice and that is exactly what it is. The sweetened rice dish is best eaten warm. It can be consumed like you would eat regular rice or with warm milk as well. Cloves and cardamoms add zing to the dish.

2. Gud Ka Halwa

Another classic that you must try this winter is the gud ka halwa. This jaggery dish is simple to make and is bound to be an instant hit with people of all ages.


3. Gur Ki Roti

Yes, now you can add jaggery to your humble roti as well. As the name suggests, the dish involves whole wheat flour soaked with a mixture of milk and gur. The sweet rotis are usually topped with ghee to add to the richness of the dish.

4. Peanut Chikki

If you are on the hunt for the perfect winter snack, your search ends here. We recommend you try your hand at making the perfect peanut chikki that is made with oodles of jaggery. Made during winter festivals such as Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranti, this snack will make you feel warm and content.


5. Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

If you thought jaggery could not be included in a savoury dish, we have news for you. This stir-fried beans recipe involves tamarind, jaggery and hot coconut mixture, making it a riot of flavours.

Sweet or savoury, how are you going to add jaggery to your winter menu? Tell us in the comments.

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