5 Protein-Rich Recipes That Are Perfect For The Monsoon


Monsoons are all about curling up in bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea. And when we do manage to get ourselves out of bed, most of us find ourselves deviating from our healthy diets and opting for the more deep-fried recipes on our menu. But what if we told you that monsoons can be just as tasty while sticking to a healthy menu that is rich in protein. But why protein? Well, it is exactly what you need to strengthen your immunity and keep yourself fit, this time of the year. Moreover, in a season that tends to make you want to binge eat, protein keeps you full for a longer time, preventing you from overeating.

With these recipes, we are sure that you will happily skip all the oily snacks to enjoy a more wholesome meal.

Here are five protein-rich recipes that are perfect for a rainy day.

1) Protein-Packed Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a recipe that we are sure will be a hit across age groups. This recipe, as the name suggests, is full of protein and is a classic Indian dish that is best enjoyed with roti or steamed rice. With omega fatty acids and spices that prevent inflammation, this dish is the perfect melange of taste and health. The vegetarians in the group can always try this recipe by replacing the chicken with paneer chunks.

2) Soya Poha

Who doesn’t like poha? The humble dish is perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or even as a light dinner. This recipe takes the classic poha and gives it a twist with the addition of soya. This dish can be made in just under 30 minutes and is tasty, healthy, and easy to make.

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Poha is another quick and healthy breakfast option made with flattened rice. Photo Credit: iStock

3) Machchli Masala

Are you a seafood lover? Then this recipe is right up your alley. The fish is fried as a whole with a combination of spices, turning the skin crispy and crunchy and the flesh soft. This is one of the tastiest ways to ensure that your meal is rich in protein. 

4) Moong Dal Khichdi

Nothing spells comfort like a bowl of khichdi and this recipe, which uses moong dal as its star ingredient, is the perfect addition to your monsoon menu. Packed with the goodness of proteins, this khichdi is easy to make, is replete with essential nutrients, and keeps you full without feeling overwhelming.

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Khichdi is comforting and nutritious rolled-into-one. 

5) Egg Paratha

This recipe ticks all the right boxes making it the perfect protein-rich dish to start the day with. Packed with the goodness of eggs, this paratha is also a great option if you are on the go. Did the weather make you stay in bed for a bit too long? Well, now you know a recipe that you can make in a jiffy before you run out of the house.

Tell us which of these recipes you are going to cook first, this monsoon.

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