5 Of Our Favourite Sauce Options To Add Flavours To Your Food


Sauces can be one versatile condiment in our pantry. From dips to spreads – you can enjoy a bottle of sauce in any form you want. Besides, sauces can also be used to spice up gravies and marinate chicken and meat. In fact, the list of its usages goes really long. This is why we like stashing different types of sauces in our pantry for anytime we need them. But if you explore, you will find a number of options that may leave you confused while buying one for your kitchen. Fret not, we have got you covered.

We have curated a list of 5 best sauce options that will help enhance the flavours of your food in no time. Read on.

1. Habanero Peri Peri Sauce

Made with a blend of fresh bird eye chilli, habanero chilli, herbs and spices, this bottle of sauce can be a right choice for spicy food lovers. It can be an ideal option to marinate chicken wings, veggies or just pair it up with basic French fries and savour!

2. American Garden Bbq Sauce

Planning to have a BBQ party at home? This sauce is the perfect option to go for. It will give a smoky flavour to the meat and vegetables. Besides, it can also be used as a dipping sauce. Serve it with chicken wings, potato bites or sandwiches and enjoy!

3. Chings Schezwan Sauce

If you are a fan of red chilli and garlic, then you probably know schezwan sauce is the perfect option for you. You can enjoy it in various ways – add it to your recipe, have it as a dip, spread and more.

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4. Wingreens Farms- Cheesy Sauce

Made with premium ingredients, this creamy and velvety sauce is ideal for making sandwiches, burgers, pastas. It can also be served by the side of pakoras and nachos.

5. Veeba Pasta And Pizza Sauce

This combo features 2 different sauces- white pasta dressing and pizza pasta sauce. Add a spoonful of white sauce dressing in the pasta and enjoy!

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