5 Hyderabadi Salan Recipes That Are A Must-Have On Your Menu


When you think of Hyderabadi food, the first few images that come to mind are those of the famed biryani and the rich haleem. But the cuisine offers a variety of other lesser-known but equally yummy dishes that are bound to make you reach for a second helping. One such dish is the salan. Made traditionally with chili and peanuts, salan is a curry that works wonders with Hyderabadi biryani as an accompaniment. Even as a standalone entity, it is a lovely dish that can add warmth and zing to a variety of rice and bread dishes.

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The best quality of the classic Nizami dish is that it can be made easily with simple ingredients found in most homes. Today we have curated a list of five salan recipes from Hyderabad that will make your meals much more appetizing.

  1. Mirchi Ka Salan

The first salan on our list is the traditional and classic recipe that is made with green chillies, peanuts, sesame seeds, dry coconut, cumin seeds, ginger and garlic paste, turmeric powder, bay leaf and thick tamarind juice. If you want to skip the biryani, pair it with steamed rice or rotis.

Pair salan with biryani or other dishes

  1. Gosht Ka Salan

If you love meat, this salan recipe is for you. This dish is made using tender mutton and is the perfect blend of Turkish, Arabic and Mughlai cooking styles. Rich, creamy and filling, this salan works well with rice and rotis.

  1. Bhindi Ka Salan

If you thought salan works well only with non-vegetarian ingredients or non-vegetarian dishes, we have news. Bhindi ka salan is one of the most delicious ways to add okra to your diet. We recommend that you pair it with some fluffy parathas.

625 salan

Bhindi ka salan is easy to make

  1. Fish Salan

This is a dish made for all seafood lovers. With its roots in Hyderabadi cuisine, this recipe adds a seafood twist to the traditional salan. Made using kingfish, this salan has a generous dose of spices, chillies and tangy saunth marinade. 

  1. Eggplant and Green Chili Salan

If you are looking to add some heat to your meal, this salan is for you. Made with eggplants and chillis, which are both prominent ingredients in Hyderabadi recipes, this dish also uses coconut and poppy seeds. Surprise your guests with this salan recipe for your next party.


Make a delicious baingan salan 

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Next time you are too tired to make an elaborate meal, just steam some rice and pick one of these salan recipes. We are sure you will not complain.

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