5 Handy Graters To Grate Vegetables And Fruits Seamlessly


Salads make a great option for a light and comforting meal. Think of a bright, vibrant bowl of freshly grated and sliced fruits and veggies with refreshing dressing on the top. Doesn’t the thought itself make you want one right away? However, manually slicing and grating veggies and fruits with the help of a knife can be a dull and a monotonous process. That’s where a grater/slicer comes in handy. This tiny kitchen tool can slice and grate fruits, vegetables, nuts, garlic, ginger, cheese and even chocolates into tiny fragments. If you are planning to buy one, here we bring you a list of 5 graters that can help you effectively and efficiently grate and slice ingredients in quite a few minutes.

Here’s A List Of 5 Graters To Choose From:

1. Bagonia Stainless Steel Grater And Slicer

Made with good quality stainless steel, this grater and slicer comes with 6 sides with different grating options so that you can grate the ingredients as per your size requirements. Besides, it also comes with a container, making it ideal to store the grated content at one place.

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2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

Here we bring you another handy and durable grater option. Made from high-quality and100% food-grade stainless steel, this tool ensures quality and better performance. It is ideal for grating cheese, garlic, ginger, lemon zest, rooted spices and more.

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3. Ajanta Stainless Steel Slicer And Grater

Another slicer and grater made with stainless steel. This slicer cum grater comes with 4 sides with different grating/slicing options. Besides, it also comes with an ABS handle for easy usage.

4. Petals 4-Sided Grater Slicer

This tool also comes with 4 grating options- coarsely grating, medium grating, fine grating and slicing. It is cute and compact, making it ideal to carry anywhere. In addition to this, it comes in two colours- light purple and red.

5. JAPVA MART 3 in 1 Shredder Slicer Chopper

This grater is attached with a storage container that makes grating and slicing easier and mess-free. This grater also comes with 3 grating options- coarsely grating, medium grating and slicing.

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