5 Best Vermicelli Options To Prepare Healthy And Delicious Recipes At Home


Vermicelli, also known as Semia, is usually made from semolina flour or a coarsely ground durum wheat flour. However, now there are some healthy variants available like whole grain vermicelli, ragi vermicelli et al. Made in a number of ways, this delightful ingredient is not just super easy to make but also quite versatile. You can make it simply by boiling milk or as upma and rice – options are many. Besides, it can also be a great breakfast option for your busy mornings.

Considering its versatility , we bring you vermicelli options that can help you make yummy recipes of your choice. Take a look.

Here are 5 vermicelli options for you:

1. MTR Vermicelli Payasam

This pack of kheer by MTR is a delicious combination of nutty dry fruits, creamy milk and roasted vermicelli. Just add the content into boiled milk, wait for some time and savour it!

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2. Bambino Roasted Vermicelli

Enriched with vitamins, zinc and iron, this pack of vermicelli is made up of hard wheat semolina and strikes the right balance between health and taste. You can make vegetable upma vermicelli, rice and even healthy khichdi with this pack.

3. Peacock Brown Rice Vermicelli

We have found another healthy option for you. This pack of vermicelli is made with brown rice which makes it a perfect option for both dieters and non-dieters. You can try making stir fry vermicelli with it.

4. Anil Foods Ragi Vermicelli

Made with finger millet, this pack of vermicelli is an ideal option to create healthy vermicelli recipes. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can enjoy eating it anytime of the day without any guilt.

5. Real Thai Rice Vermicelli

Made with 90% rice flour and 10% water, this vermicelli pack is perfect to make noodles-based recipes like veg rice noodles, garlic noodles, etc. Serve it with main course and relish!

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